"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the safe return of my son's (belongings) which went missing at school. I really appreciated the care that was taken and the sensitive handling of this and will encourage him not to take them to school in the future! However, I did want to say a special thank you."

Year 11 Parent, Oct 2020


"Mr A. Hartley,

Thank you for an informative open evening. The video walk around the school on your website was also really great, and, combined with the drone footage, gave a much better idea of what the school (is like)."

Prospective Parent, Oct 2020


"Dear Mr Hartley,

Out of of all the virtual open evenings that we did, I can truly say that yours was the closest to a real open evening, my child thoroughly enjoyed it and found it entertaining and informative - it was good on a child and adult level where as unfortunately all the others were only aimed at the adults...all in all, very impressed. Thank you for the effort that you put in."

Prospective Parent, Oct 2020


"Morning Mr Yarwood 😀

Thank you so much for your email and kind words. That’s fantastic news that (my child) is continuing  to remain positive, it’s also really comforting to hear that (my child) can receive support if needed. Hope you have a wonderful day ! Keep on shining like the star 🌟 you are. you're all doing such an amazing job 😀 "

Year 9 Parent, Sept 2020


"I’m presuming this has happened since the Road works in Reades Lane have been causing problems for through traffic towards the school. However, witnessing the controlled and orderly fashion in which the pupils moved along towards the school under supervision this morning was impressive. Pupils and staff were also very well “turned-out” which was good to see ...Well done to all those in charge. From a past pupil of the 60s. My two daughters also attended  “Chiltern Edge” going on to have successful careers."

Local Resident, Sept 2020


"...been very impressed with the face-face schooling provision that has been made available, and the regular contact that has been made by tutors and teachers (during lockdown)."

Year 10 Parent, July 2020


"I would like to extend a “shout out” to Miss Mallon for the support she has been to my son for the assessment written today. She was online this morning answering questions even with it being an inset day!  She has really been awesome. My son has really been stretched with the paper, but it was a good stretch!

I would also like to thank Miss Swayne - WOW! There are not enough words of praise for her! The way she has organised the lessons, marked them and given feedback has been beyond all expectations! My son’s love for science has remained strong during this time because of the feeling of being recognised! She is an asset to the school!

I would also like to thank Mr Burningham and Miss Cheeseman for all that they did to help my son settle into school when he joined in... The 6 short weeks before lockdown started really set a solid foundation for him. Setting up the buddy programme...was just what he needed! The regular calls during the lock down have not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated by all of us...

Last but definitely not least to to you and your admin & teaching teams THANK YOU! Your consistent and informative communication, your proactive roll out of Google Classroom, your passion for what you do, your dedication to the quality education and positive outlook is needed and appreciated during this time of change. We are truly blessed to be part of MECE! "

Year 7 Parent, July 2020


"Dear staff of MECE, thank you for supporting my daughter over the last 14 weeks, I do appreciate all the help, you are all AMAZING."

Year 8 Parent, June 2020


" has been great when some teachers have recorded a lesson for them to watch.  I feel it gives them that connection back to school and it's good for parents to put a face to the name. Recorded assemblies have also been great.

I'd also like to thank the teachers that are providing the pop up school my son is now attending.  It has already helped him a great deal.

I'm looking forward to September. Keep up the great work MECE."

Year 9 Parent, June 2020


"All 3 kids have really benefited from being back at MECE part time, so a big thank you too, to you and your team, for their support."

Year 7 Parent, June 2020


"We  watched the Year 11 leavers assembly yesterday, which was really touching....

As we follow your  weekly MECE  updates,  we can see the positivity you are  bringing to the school... Your handling of these strange times, your support of the staff and your vision of where the school is going offers us mixed feelings - thrilled for the school but sad our son won’t be a part of it...

As we move forward it won’t just be our son who will miss MECE and the staff, we will too. We wish you luck and  look forward to seeing the school flourish once again under your leadership. Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff."

Year 11 Parent, June 2020


"What a week! How lovely it was to see my child in his school uniform (which were not swinging from his ankles!) At 6.30, yes! 6.30 on Wednesday morning, ready for his year 10 provision. Then to drop him off and see other students all waiting out the front sent me into an unexpected emotional drive home! It honestly felt like his first day at school! 

Followed by the tears came reflection and I just couldn't be prouder, of how everyone has worked so incredibly hard together...whilst I'm happy to pass the teaching baton back over to the incredibly inspiring teaching staff I am not going to sit back and take my foot off the pedal.

We are, more than ever, a team which I feel is growing stronger week by week. 

So, thank you so very much for all your hard work, looking after and educating our children whilst balancing your own commitments 🤩 it is very much appreciated. "

Year 10 Parent, June 2020


"Thanks are also due to you (Mr Watterson) and the rest of the teaching body at MECE for everything that you have done this year, particularly over the last few months.  It is truly appreciated.  We are more certain than ever that MECE was absolutely the right choice for our son’s secondary education."

Year 7 Parent, June 2020


"Thank you for keeping him motivated with the quick responses to any questions he has and for getting the amount of work set, just right. "

Year 10 Parent, June 2020


"Many thanks to all of your team they have continued to give great support throughout this difficult time."

Year 9 Parent, June 2020


“I think you’re all doing an amazing job! So, thank you. I just wanted to give special mention to Miss Swayne for her work with Year 7. The work being set is really clear, varied. She is really responsive to queries, asking for feedback on what works and using a variety of teaching methods. The online quizzes are particularly good and I thought the recorded talk through of the answers to one of the quizzes was particularly useful…a huge THANK YOU to everyone. I genuinely think that MECE is providing an excellent learning provision in very difficult circumstances and most importantly is constantly learning and refining what is being delivered. Amazing work!”

Year 7 Parent, May 2020



"Brilliant way of explaining the work, this really did help me out."

Year 7 Parent, May 2020


“Communications between home and school has been brilliant. Any queries my child has had around their work have been answered promptly with detailed responses. I've also made contact with some class teachers and again, the response has been quick and detailed. I believe you are all doing such an amazing job, thank you.”

Year 10 Parent, May 2020


"Thank you for all the hard work you are doing for all our children. You are, as usual, extremely dedicated and in these changing and difficult circumstances, that is even more appreciated.

I also want to say "thank you" for the updates from Mr is good to hear what is going on and how well the children and staff have adapted to lockdown."

Year 11 Parent, May 2020


“I think what everyone is doing is just amazing…So, in a nutshell ... I just wanted to message to say I am in awe of your work (Ms Biddiss and Mrs Boys), your patience and your understanding and a whole load of other things and really do appreciate absolutely everything you have done, and will continue to do, for us and for all the children at MECE.”

Year 10 Parent, May 2020


"The contact from Mr Hunter has been good, not just ticking the box, but genuinely caring and interested in how things are...When Mr Hunter does his weekly quiz – thanks for name checking the kids that take part, not just the


Year 7 Parent, May 2020


" I am loving the fact that you are still awarding achievement points during lockdown - this has had a very positive effect on my daughter and her learning."

Year 8 Parent, May 2020


"Miss Gardener gives personalised messages and feedback...

"Mrs Boys contacted us in the Easter holidays … really helpful and supportive, offering advice and counselling to my daughter and myself, and providing a solution, not just sympathy. Also, the ELSA support ideas and info is useful..

"Miss Mallon provided my daughter with a helpful response and confidence boosting feedback when she had a disappointing maths test result and got very upset about it. Thank you for such an appropriate and speedy response...

"Miss Biddiss took the time to come a speak directly to my daughter (from a distance!) when she was struggling. Thank you to Mr Hunter for spreading the word and to Miss Biddiss for taking the time and caring.

"Keep up the good work. Everything you are doing is appreciated in our household."

Year 10 Parent, May 2020


"I am so grateful to Mrs Chopra, I emailed her in a slight blind panic yesterday as we were struggling on a particular task...she then, very kindly, sent a video explaining how to do it. Her help meant that for the rest of the day, my son's confidence was up...I could rest easy knowing he was in a good place, mentally."

Year 10 Parent, April 2020


"Dear Mr Hartley, I just wanted to drop you an email to express my thanks, to yourself, and all the staff that are obviously working extremely hard to ensure home-schooling is as straight forward and easy to access as possible...we had a lovely Easter break with the right amount of homework...gave us the time to adjust into this current way of living. I would really appreciate it if you could forward my heartfelt thanks, to all staff at MECE. I feel a very close attachment to the school...I wish you had a sixth form!"

Year 10 Parent, April 2020


"Once again, may I thank you and the rest of the staff at MECE for the outstanding response to the current crisis. We are so impressed with how the school has dealt so rapidly and thoroughly with every aspect of it and it reaffirms our decision to have chosen MECE for our son's secondary school."

Year 7 Parent, April 2020


"Thank you. Your collective team are doing a fabulous job and I had a good catch up with Mrs Grewal last week. The level of communication we are receiving as parents has been excellent. "

Year 9 Parent, April 2020


"Please pass on my thanks to Mr Warley for finding the time to call my son on Friday. It was a nice surprise and my son was really pleased that he had rung."

Year 10 Parent, April 2020


"Thank you for the Zoom video lessons, they are suiting my son very well and he is confident to go through the presentation and do the tasks independently."

Year 10 Parent, April 2020