See What Parents Say About Us ...

"To all the members of staff who were involved in making the practice expedition happen this weekend.

My husband didn't get a chance to say thank you to anyone at pick up today so can I just say a huge thank you to everyone involved. Taking precious time out of your weekend to spend with a group of teenagers is definitely above and beyond. My son was in years 5 and 6 during the Covid lockdowns which meant he (and his classmates) missed out on residentials, big days out etc. This is the first time he has been 'away overnight' with school ever. He had a great time but more than that, we have noticed a real difference in him socially during the past months. The year 9 children in his Duke of Edinburgh group are actually talking to each other out of school. They even went on a long practice walk to 'break in walking shoes' a couple of weeks ago which absolutely would not have happened in a million years before being part of this award scheme.

I know it's not over yet, but thank you. These sorts of experiences mean so much and are totally reliant on the kindness and generosity of people like yourselves. We really appreciate it. You are all amazing."

Year 9 parent, May 2024


"To Mrs Chopra and all the staff who supported the Duke of Edinburgh weekend.

Thank you for giving up your time and energy to give the students this experience. My son had a  great time and it has been especially positive for him in terms of building relationships with his peers.

Have a good last week of term and enjoy a well earned break."

Year 9 parent, May 2024


"My child is definitely enjoying History and it’s good to hear his efforts and focus have been noticed.

Funnily enough he was talking about his Cold War lessons earlier this week, educating me on the causes and consequences, and how interesting it all was. You’re obviously doing a super job so a big thank you to you."

Year 9 parent, April 2024


"Please can you pass on our thanks to Ms Biddiss - she clearly is a dedicated & wonderful teacher and is making a positive difference to these students' lives!!"

Year 11 parent, February 2024


" Finally, I would like to just pass on a huge thank you to you all of the staff who have been supporting (my child). Despite all of his issues, he is happy to come to school every day and that is down to an amazing team of supportive and inclusive staff. You are all amazing and I hope you all know how very much appreciated you are."

Year 7 parent, January 2024


 "Another brilliantly well organised parent’s evening – thank you all!  Possibly the most important one with the mock exam results being issued. Teachers were really well-prepared and provided really useful comments, feedback and guidance that (as always!) left us feeling they really knew the students. It was also really useful to have the handouts with the key information for each subject.

We were also pleased to see Mrs Bowers in attendance and taking the opportunity not only to talk to parents, but also to the students about their results. Thank you to everyone."

Year 11 parent, December 2023


 "I would like to nominate Miss Cheeseman and the staff working in the hive. They have helped my child through a difficult week and kept me informed and made her feel supported. This is invaluable in her feeling ready to attend lessons and learn to the best of her ability at school. Thankyou to you all, we as parents really appreciate it."

Year 7 parents, December 2023


"I want to thank Mr Mount for his assembly last week. My Year 11 is a bit jaded when it comes to assemblies, especially those focussed on annual events where she feels she’s heard it all before! However, she was full of interest and enthusiasm for Mr Mount’s assembly and said it was fascinating as it was so personal to him.  She said she wished she’d taken history as an option, and you can’t get much more positive praise than that! Thank you! 

Year 11 parent, November 2023


 "I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Mrs Hussain for her support during the mocks. Her support last week was really completely over and above what was necessary and was a huge help.

I would be very grateful if you could do something to recognise this amazing support, as I say, completely beyond what was required but of immense benefit."

Year 11 parent, November 2023


"Just a quick email to say that the conduct of the students waiting for buses in the rain this morning was v impressive and sets a good view of the school in Caversham. They should be proud."

Year 9 parent, November 2024


 "I just want to shout out a massive thank you to the teaching staff. Despite the challenging start you have all had to this term (with the cyber-attack), I have two very happy children in year 7 and 9 who come home on a daily basis telling me about what they have learned. But even better than that, they are growing as young people taking up opportunities such as new clubs and rising to the high expectations in lessons. The team points and golden tickets mean the world to them. Thank you. You are making a big difference.

Year 7 & 9 parent, October 2023


"Mrs Gopal is supporting my daughter in Maths so well! Thank you"

Year 8 parent, October 2023


 "I wanted to just record my thanks to Ms Hussain for renewing my child’s confidence in English this term so far.  

He enthusiastically reported last week that not only had his answer been reviewed in class time, but that Ms Hussain had then come back and reviewed it a second time and shown him how to improve even further. I am very aware that it is not always possible to do such thorough and personal reviews so I just wanted to say how much we really appreciate it, and what a difference it is already making.

Thank you so much.

Year 11 Parent, September 2024


 "Thank you for your email and your prompt response.

(My child) has absolutely loved her first week at MECE and has enjoyed her lessons and is starting to make new friends. She is particularly excited about her first drama lesson this afternoon!

She also said that all of the children in older year groups she has come across have been helpful, supportive and kind.

We feel we have very much made the right decision on secondary school.

Year 7 Parent, September 2023


"I  just wanted to drop a line to say how amazing Mrs Allen has been today with (my child), and generally how incredibly impressed and grateful I am at your willingness to make flexible adjustments informed by (my child's) needs. He had a really good day today, and he felt able to say when he needed time out or processing time and this was taken seriously and accommodated, which is so good and really a credit to you all that he felt able and confident to advocate for himself in this way - because it is something that he struggled with in primary.

Year 7 Parent, September 2023


"Thank you so much (for your call), I will definitely pass on your comments to (my child), he will be absolutely thrilled…

(My child) really enjoyed his day in London and was full of positiveness about the trip. He loved it all after being extremely nervous in the morning…a very happy boy! 

Year 8 Parent, July 2023


"Thank you so much to all the staff who made the Year 8 Tower of London trip possible. My son really enjoyed the experience and I know how much extra time and effort goes into the organisation (and supervision) of these sorts of days away from the classroom. Your dedication is much appreciated."

Year 8 Parent, July 2023


"Dear Mr Hartley, Thank you so much for your email, I will definitely pass on your comments to my son, he will be absolutely thrilled…

He really enjoyed his day in London and was full of positiveness about the trip, he loved it all after being extremely nervous in the morning…a very happy boy!"

Year 8 Parent, June 2023


"Please pass on our thanks to all MECE staff for a fabulous evening at the Year 11 Leavers prom yesterday evening.
It was so nice to see so many staff out to wish them well. My son had a great evening dancing the night away (his only disappointment was not having a Turkish Grill Kebab!) the location helped make it extra special.
We are also really grateful to you all for looking after him for the last five years. You have helped him develop into a well rounded young man."

Year 11 Parent, June 2023


"I wanted to express our thanks for running the Y10 revision sessions.  I really appreciate the staff giving up their time to help Y10 with their revision.  My daughter has been to them all so far, and despite her initial grumbles about staying even longer at school, she says they've all been really useful and a much better use of her time than spending that hour at home trying to revise.

Thank you!"

Year 10 Parent, June 2023


"I just wanted to send a few words of thanks and encouragement to all the staff at MECE. I know teaching is hard right now and we can often feel like what we do is never enough, but from my point of view as a parent, I have one very, very happy boy who quite simply loves coming to your school. He talks about lessons where he gets achievement points and how happy these make him, he wants to tell me about his days and often says how happy he is in general. I hear about the golden tickets, the kind words, the opportunities and even the lining up. Thank you everyone - keep doing what you are doing. I appreciate your efforts - you are making a huge difference to a boy who was once quite demotivated with learning and school post-covid."

Year 8 Parent, June 2023


"Agree with the newsletter. Mrs Howes is a brilliant addition, a positive call home this evening was well received and appreciated after what must have been a busy week for all; over and above. My child is certainly enjoying maths again! Thank you for listening and acting on our feedback."

Parent, May 2023


"I am bowled over by the efforts you are all making to help the Year 11s through their GCSEs with the booster sessions, even though they have officially left.  It has made a real difference to my child's focus for such a gruelling and relentless set of exams. Please could you pass on my thanks to all your staff who once again are going very much above and beyond."

Year 11 Parent, May 2023


"I just wanted to nominate Mrs Ashley and Mrs King from food technology for staff of the week. They have gone above and beyond to make our (child) feel like he belongs and is appreciated for his skills. Thank you so much."

Year 10 Parent, March 2023 


 "Mr Agar (site manager) went above and beyond this week when I visited with my school for the sports hall athletics. He kindly opened the gates for the minibus, then helped me park; he helped me retrieve a student who was stuck in their coat due to a broken zip (this took a lot of time and care - he was beyond kind) and then unlocked another gate which had become locked. He was truly a fantastic example of people going above and beyond at MECE."

Visiting Primary School Teacher, March 2023


"So glad to hear ‘...I won’t accept bullying behaviours, fighting or using foul and profane language to staff’ is a red line for you, I take the same view and as a parent support you fully. Supporting students is vital but there needs to be a line and then everyone knows where they are and all benefit.
Keep up the good work. Very impressed with MECE. Thanks to all the staff for their continued great effort."

Year 7 Parent, March 2023


"Thank you so much to the staff that took students to the Houses of Parliament a week ago - my (child) really enjoyed the trip and... felt very honoured to have been chosen."

Year 8 Parent, March 2023


"Just wanted to say thank you for being so supportive of my child and helping him to become more confident and make progress.

He has struggled so much with anxiety and emotional based school avoidance since year 7 so to see him Mr Hartley and appreciated for his achievements is very special.

Thank you for being such an amazing, student-centred provision that cares about the children who attend."

Year 10 parent, March 2023


"I really hope all is well with you and everyone at MECE. I wanted to drop you an email, as you worked so much with my son. I know he wasn’t the easiest of students, school was not really for him! He went on to college to study culinary skills and has thrived there...he has been working as a commis chef and has been loving it. He is learning so much and he just loves it! On his Christmas list was a potato peeler that he REALLY wanted!
I know school was not for him but he obviously needed to go and MECE was by far the best place for him. Thank you for helping him find his love for food and for believing in him when he was being his most difficult!!
Continue with the great work!"

Past Parent, March 2023


"I would just like to reach out and say a huge thank you and a big high-five two members of wonderful staff...Suzanne in the admin team  and Miss Rixson. Both of you have given me tremendous support and you both have been so kind giving me various websites to explore for additional help.

Thank you both...Keep being amazing.

Year 11 Parent, March 2023


"I am delighted that my child will be joining you in September and furthermore to know how many other super students are heading your way. So many of my friends and others I know are delighted that their children have been offered a place with you. There is such a positive vibe about the school in Caversham this year! You and the team should be so proud of all that you offer as a school and know that people are choosing you because of this offer and the knowledge that you will care for their child.

Year 8 Parent, March 2023


"Mrs Gopal - Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.  (our child) has definitely blossomed in confidence and is really enjoying the subject since being taught by you in maths:

The way you explain the subject.

The way you listen.

(My child) feels confident to ask you questions.

Feeling valued.

It's wonderful to see your child come home happy and confident about a subject.  Thank you so much you wonderful lady.  Definitely my/our star of the week."

Year 7 Parent, December 2022


"This makes my heart burst as (my child) has completely transformed and seems so much happier since joining MECE. (My child) never ever complains about going to school (which was a daily occurrence primary school!) and it is such a relief to see that (my child) has settled in so well and is working hard".

Year 7 Parent, December 2022


"Following a gruelling assessment day last month, (my child) was offered a place today in the Sixth Form at Shiplake College. There is no doubt in our minds at all that this was due in no small part to the ongoing support and encouragement from everyone at MECE over the past four or so years. Thank you all for everything you have done for him."

Year 11 Parent, December 2022


"How lucky MECE is to have such a great person (Sarah Cheeseman) leading Year 7!

A great communicator and all round marvellous individual!"

Year 7 Parent, November 2022


"(Mr Yarwood) I just wanted to write to thank you for the enthusiasm for geography that you have generated in (my child). (My child) is so proud of his work, he got his book out to show me - I thought the standard of his work was excellent and the presentation of it shows you have high expectations which (my child) is keen to meet. (My child) has felt hugely encouraged and noticed by you and this has helped him to engage with the subject. Thank you so much for your time, attention and subject knowledge. 

Year 8 Parent, November 2022


 "(Mr Harte) I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all the time and effort you are putting into the show. I know this is in addition to your weekly teaching schedule and I can only imagine how tiring running rehearsals with the whole cast is. (My child) is loving rehearsing and we are really looking forward to spotting (our child) on stage soon.

Thank you again for your time and enthusiasm.

Year 8 Parent, November 2022


"Thanks for the news letters, they’re most informative and nice to receive. Just wanted to say what a great ideal the ‘Habits of Attention’ are and I’m very happy the school is proactive in these matters and I support it fully. 

Thanks to all the teachers & staff for the great efforts they go to. As a new parent to the school I’m very impressed with MECE - especially striving for academic excellence and getting the best out of the pupils. Brilliant."

Year 7 Parent, November 2022


"We want to say a big 'thank you' to Miss Swayne for igniting a fabulous interest in science for our daughter in year 7! "

Year 7 Parent, November 2022


‘Soooo impressed with MECE! You can feel how proud the staff are of what they have accomplished. Their passion for what they do is literally all over the walls and the students seem so happy! Please pass around how amazing their open days and evenings have been…. So impressed with MECE, it’s my first choice.’

Prospective Parent, September 2022


"Thank you for the final news letter. What an amazingly positive end to a very difficult year for MECE staff. I wanted to pass on our thanks to all the staff- MECE really does provide a well-rounded educational experience for our child (and that is without the future trips which will be much appreciated given our child missed out on  residential/any trips in both year 5 and year 6).

I would especially like to thank those teachers who teach non-core subjects. Also, I know my child adores music and drama which I think is such a lovely thing to balance alongside some of the other more desk-based learning subjects.

Finally, the dance show was amazing and actually made me cry seeing a beautiful (yr 7) former pupil doing her thing amongst older children. How lovely and inclusive."

Year 11 Parent, July 2022


"Thank you very much for looking after my son for the past 4 years. Without your dedication and passion, my son wouldn’t have been where he is today. You have brought out the best in him and I really appreciate your kindness and patience. You’ve been very understanding and went out of your way to remind me about dates for trips, payments and much more. Your excellent communication in administration has aided me greatly. Thank you for being the best teachers. I will be forever grateful to you all."

Year 11 Parent, June 2022 


"Slightly belated, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff who gave up their Easter holidays to run Easter School for Year 11 last week. With term starting so late (and so close to the exams) and with all the ups and downs of the last 2 years I really appreciate the extra time …thanks MECE teachers, you’re AMAZING!"

Year 11 Parent, April 2022



"Miss Hibberd - you're absolutely amazing with these teenagers. I am so grateful for all the hard work and dedication that you give to make a difference to our children's lives. Your understanding, compassion and dedication is just outstanding, thank you."

Year 10 Parent, April 2022


“I would also like to say how wonderful all the teachers were that I spoke to this evening. They were all very polite and full of praise for (my child) … and very helpful. … (my child) enjoys learning and is very academic, this is helped by having wonderful teachers. Miss Biddiss, Mrs Chopra, and Mrs Hussain are particularly amazing.”

Year 10 Parent, March 2022


"I just wanted to thank you and your staff so much for managing to keep face to face teaching going throughout what must have been a very trying term. I work in a school and understand the extra pressure absences can place on the staff who are still at school...they all deserve a really relaxing break. We are so grateful for their commitment and hard work.

Can I also give special thanks to Dr Wyatt who has totally inspired my son in science and has even given up her own time to answer his questions during a lunch break. Also, to Mr Watterson - my son finds him a very motivating Head of House and he was definitely the reason that my son chose to spend a Wednesday evening making hearts! He really enjoys the art lessons too! Thank you."

Year 7 Parent, February 2022


"I just wanted to feedback on my experience at Parents Evening last week. 

It was wonderful to hear how well (my child) is doing at school... It was also humbling to see the disappointment on their faces when (my child) told certain teachers that she wouldn’t be taking their lessons for GCSE.  My daughter is clearly very liked by her teachers.

Having heard the positive feedback from her teachers, I am sure this will only boost my daughter’s confidence at school."

Year 9 Parent, February 2022


"My child has come home each day this week with news of teachers going the extra mile. To mention a couple:

  • Dr Wyatt taking time at lunchtime to answer chemistry questions.
  • Mr Harte for all his work on the school play. My child was delighted to have him back in school for his English and drama lessons.
  • Miss Fay zooming in to the music practise to keep it happening.
  • Mr Hartley teaching to keep classes going.
  • Mr Hunter and his thought-provoking and engaging character assemblies.

Thank you to all the staff for all they do."

Year 8 Parent, February 2022


"Just a quick thank you from a Year 9 parent for keeping everything going this past few weeks. I know that Covid is playing havoc again and that staffing has been challenging but had I not heard this from other sources, and a comment from my son about the amount of supply teachers (not a negative comment I may add!), I wouldn’t have known. On the surface you are giving the appearance of calm, and everything is still getting done – including the extras of DfE, Options Process and Parents Evening all being organised for Year 9"

Year 9 Parent, Jan 2022


"I just wanted to write and say a big "thank you" to the members of staff who have been involved in teaching my child. 

(My child) has typically found periods of transition quite tricky, but his first term at secondary school seems to have gone so smoothly. I am sure that this is down in no small part, to his teachers who have been so positive and, we feel, have already taken the time to get to know (our child). This really means a lot to (our child) and us! - thank you."

Year 7 Parent, Oct 2021


"I just wanted to feed back how much our child is enjoying his maths lessons...really enjoying the content and the way things are being taught. Also, a big "thank you" to Mrs Gopal who is supportive and informative..."

Year 7 Parent, Oct 2021


"We would just like to say how pleased we are with (our child)’s development over the years whilst ... a pupil at Chiltern Edge then MECE, both academically and his growth in confidence. We would like to say a big "thank you" to all the members of staff that have taught him and helped him over the years. We are so glad this lovely, underrated school was saved and hope it carries on going from strength to strength."

Year 11 Parents, May 2021


“Invigilating the recent series of exams in the hall, the candidates have conducted themselves intelligently and been totally co-operative.  Outstandingly the most amenable cohort I’ve experienced in 10 years.

Other pupils encountered on the site have universally been a credit to themselves, their parents and the school.

Clearly MECE is being steered in the right direction.”

Invigilator - Former Lecturer/Course-co-ordinator, Henley College, May 2021


“I'd like to thank the whole school for their support over the lockdown period, but I'd like to single out Mr Harte, who has helped me with numerous questions about my child... he has been great replying to my emails.  It was much appreciated. “

Year 10 Parent, March 2021


"I was dreading an online parents evening, but it turned out to be a miraculously smooth online event - we had meetings between 4.30 and 6.55 and everything ran incredibly smoothly. We really appreciate all of your staff being available to chat to us, particularly as it is options year. Thank you everyone."

Year 9 Parent, February 2021


"Just wanted to drop a quick thank you to you (Mrs Gopal) and Miss Cheeseman for Ollie’s treats on Friday. He was absolutely delighted and I’m told they were delicious! It was such a lovely thing for school to do 🙂 We have been so pleased with the online learning, it’s been truly fantastic, seamless and kept my son completely engaged. We are very grateful for all the effort that’s been put in to make this happen, which I know is huge."

Year 7 Parent, February 2021


"Lots to say from us! 

Voice Notes – our daughter misses the classroom SO much and to hear your feedback from you personally is by far better !! 

Tuesday – the (Holocaust) seminar was wonderful, my daughter was glowing at home with her report to us about it, she found it  very interesting, touching and also good for her history lessons.

Inset Day – I personally loved that you set the kids a challenge to be off their screens for the day.  My daughter did some sewing !  Came out on a walk with the dogs and also did a couch to 5K run.  She also kept her science tutor lesson and found it supportive!"

Year 11 Parent, January 2021


"I would like to say a huge thank you to all the teachers for their dedicated work and endless help! Everyday learning is running smoothly in our home...My daughter is happy and balanced without any worries of falling behind. MECE was our best choice for secondary school and it’s keep improving time by time. 

Thank you again!!"

Year 8 Parent, January 2021


"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with how the online learning has been organised. My child is so settled...and this is down to being able to see her teachers and friends and feeling supported. Please pass on my thanks to all the teachers I really appreciate all their hard work at this challenging time."

Year 8 Parent, January 2021


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the hard work you & your dedicated staff are putting in to all the online lessons. I feel so lucky that my children attend MECE".

Year 8 and 11 Parent, January 2021


"Dear MECE Team,

We just wanted to write and thank all the staff for the efforts going on to provide learning and support for the students over the last 2 weeks.  The teachers seem to be hitting the right note with levels of engagement and independent work and volume of work, which has meant far fewer battles over work at our end - that is so well appreciated!"

Particular mentions from our household for these 2 weeks go to:

"Mr Allum, for demonstrating that he still knows what Year 9 students will be up to during the science quiz, even if they aren't in the same building and are separated by computers... all in good humour and nothing inappropriate of course (as parents we enjoyed hearing about this over dinner)".

"Mr Harte, for making year 9 English interesting and engaging".

"Mrs Grewal, for creating interesting and engaging English lessons for year 7".

"Miss Shepherd for her really good lessons and for the help and support she provides".

(The above feedback is from our children)


I had the opportunity to see (but not listen into) tutor time this morning ... it struck me how the teachers have in some ways been asked to become tv presenters and how well they are doing at it.  Such enjoyment and engaging smiles on their faces. We are sure there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes as well.  Thank you to everyone."

Year 7 and 9 Parent, January 2021


"I am writing to you to thank you and your staff for all the hard work that has gone into home schooling, my son has been so focused on his lessons and he is enjoying them too which makes this situation a lot easier. I really appreciate all the work that goes on behind the scenes with planning lessons...A special thanks has to go to Emma Bliss for the email she sent to me praising my son’s work, also to Sarah Bullivant, Jon Watterson and Darren Hunter for the support that you have given.

I am a very proud parent to say that my son goes to Maiden Erlegh Chitern Edge."

Year 7 Parent, January 2021


"I’d just like to say that the provision for students so far, given the circumstances, has been excellent. The use of virtual lessons in particular has been really good."

Year 8 and 10 Parent, January 2021


"Dear Mr Hartley,

Following your letter on Friday, we just wanted to write to you to say thank you to you and all your staff for the efforts you are making in these very difficult times. We are greatly reassured by your positive leadership.

Given the constantly changing advice and requirements we feel the school has done a great job in providing us with the information and educational needs for us to keep moving forward.

The online provisions have been very good and (my child) is still very much engaged, despite the GCSEs being cancelled, which is a credit to your staff."

Year 11 Parent, January 2021


"I wanted to email you to congratulate you and your team of amazing teachers/staff. I've been really impressed with the set-up for online learning this lockdown. The structure has been great and has kept both my children engaged... I just wanted to say well done, the firm structure to lessons has worked well. Although my child was really quite dedicated in Lockdown 1.0 there is no doubt that the live aspect is making engagement and learning much more comprehensive. "

Year 7 and 9 Parent, January 2021


"May I take this opportunity, to thank you for all that you have done since joining MECE, the difference you have made is fantastic... the students and parents do not receive the level of support that we are given from you and the staff at MECE".

Year 8 Parent, January 2021


"Thank you for all your efforts to keep the school running, to all appearances, normally this term.  No mean feat by any account.  It definitely wasn't an easy start for my son to adjust to school life again after 6 months out, but he did settle back in and has come home with a smile on his face every day - no doubt down to the consistency and support offered by MECE staff.  My daughter has loved every day of her first term at MECE and it feels like no adjustment was needed at all!

All credit to all of the staff, in what must have felt like the longest term in history.  With changes in expectations right up to the very end of term - it seems like the government just have an expectation that you will be able to deliver whatever whim they determine to run with.  To us, it seems like you achieve it too!"

Year 7 and 9 Parent, December 2020


Whatever the spring term brings, we hope you have the change to rest and relax over Christmas knowing that we have a strong community around MECE.

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all, and to the rest of the staff, for a great term despite the incredibly challenging circumstances- which look to get even more challenging in January!! 

My child has been so well supported and encouraged... she knows there are lots of other members of staff who are there for her. 

 It is so wonderful that recognition is given not only for the high achievers, but also for children like ...who will probably never be ‘the best’, but can definitely be encouraged to be ‘their best’ - MECE is absolutely doing that for my child!"

Year 8 Parent, December 2020


"Very impressive parents evening @MEChilternEdge. Have to say I wasn't optimistic - first secondary parents evening - virtual, covering year 7&8 feedback in 5 mins with new tech. Couldn't have been proved more wrong. Staff were fully prep'd, and really 'knew' (my child), fab job everyone."

Year 8 Parent, November 2020


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the safe return of my son's (belongings) which went missing at school. I really appreciated the care that was taken and the sensitive handling of this and will encourage him not to take them to school in the future! However, I did want to say a special thank you."

Year 11 Parent, October 2020


"Mr A. Hartley,

Thank you for an informative open evening. The video walk around the school on your website was also really great, and, combined with the drone footage, gave a much better idea of what the school (is like)."

Prospective Parent, October 2020


"Dear Mr Hartley,

Out of of all the virtual open evenings that we did, I can truly say that yours was the closest to a real open evening, my child thoroughly enjoyed it and found it entertaining and informative - it was good on a child and adult level where as unfortunately all the others were only aimed at the adults...all in all, very impressed. Thank you for the effort that you put in."

Prospective Parent, October 2020


"Morning Mr Yarwood 😀

Thank you so much for your email and kind words. That’s fantastic news that (my child) is continuing  to remain positive, it’s also really comforting to hear that (my child) can receive support if needed. Hope you have a wonderful day ! Keep on shining like the star 🌟 you are. you're all doing such an amazing job 😀 "

Year 9 Parent, September 2020


"I’m presuming this has happened since the Road works in Reades Lane have been causing problems for through traffic towards the school. However, witnessing the controlled and orderly fashion in which the pupils moved along towards the school under supervision this morning was impressive. Pupils and staff were also very well “turned-out” which was good to see ...Well done to all those in charge. From a past pupil of the 60s. My two daughters also attended  “Chiltern Edge” going on to have successful careers."

Local Resident, September 2020


"...been very impressed with the face-face schooling provision that has been made available, and the regular contact that has been made by tutors and teachers (during lockdown)."

Year 10 Parent, July 2020


"I would like to extend a “shout out” to Miss Mallon for the support she has been to my son for the assessment written today. She was online this morning answering questions even with it being an inset day!  She has really been awesome. My son has really been stretched with the paper, but it was a good stretch!

I would also like to thank Miss Swayne - WOW! There are not enough words of praise for her! The way she has organised the lessons, marked them and given feedback has been beyond all expectations! My son’s love for science has remained strong during this time because of the feeling of being recognised! She is an asset to the school!

I would also like to thank Mr Burningham and Miss Cheeseman for all that they did to help my son settle into school when he joined in... The 6 short weeks before lockdown started really set a solid foundation for him. Setting up the buddy programme...was just what he needed! The regular calls during the lock down have not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated by all of us...

Last but definitely not least to to you and your admin & teaching teams THANK YOU! Your consistent and informative communication, your proactive roll out of Google Classroom, your passion for what you do, your dedication to the quality education and positive outlook is needed and appreciated during this time of change. We are truly blessed to be part of MECE! "

Year 7 Parent, July 2020


"Dear staff of MECE, thank you for supporting my daughter over the last 14 weeks, I do appreciate all the help, you are all AMAZING."

Year 8 Parent, June 2020


" has been great when some teachers have recorded a lesson for them to watch.  I feel it gives them that connection back to school and it's good for parents to put a face to the name. Recorded assemblies have also been great.

I'd also like to thank the teachers that are providing the pop up school my son is now attending.  It has already helped him a great deal.

I'm looking forward to September. Keep up the great work MECE."

Year 9 Parent, June 2020


"All 3 kids have really benefited from being back at MECE part time, so a big thank you too, to you and your team, for their support."

Year 7 Parent, June 2020


"We  watched the Year 11 leavers assembly yesterday, which was really touching....

As we follow your  weekly MECE  updates,  we can see the positivity you are  bringing to the school... Your handling of these strange times, your support of the staff and your vision of where the school is going offers us mixed feelings - thrilled for the school but sad our son won’t be a part of it...

As we move forward it won’t just be our son who will miss MECE and the staff, we will too. We wish you luck and  look forward to seeing the school flourish once again under your leadership. Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff."

Year 11 Parent, June 2020


"What a week! How lovely it was to see my child in his school uniform (which were not swinging from his ankles!) At 6.30, yes! 6.30 on Wednesday morning, ready for his year 10 provision. Then to drop him off and see other students all waiting out the front sent me into an unexpected emotional drive home! It honestly felt like his first day at school! 

Followed by the tears came reflection and I just couldn't be prouder, of how everyone has worked so incredibly hard together...whilst I'm happy to pass the teaching baton back over to the incredibly inspiring teaching staff I am not going to sit back and take my foot off the pedal.

We are, more than ever, a team which I feel is growing stronger week by week. 

So, thank you so very much for all your hard work, looking after and educating our children whilst balancing your own commitments 🤩 it is very much appreciated. "

Year 10 Parent, June 2020


"Thanks are also due to you (Mr Watterson) and the rest of the teaching body at MECE for everything that you have done this year, particularly over the last few months.  It is truly appreciated.  We are more certain than ever that MECE was absolutely the right choice for our son’s secondary education."

Year 7 Parent, June 2020


"Thank you for keeping him motivated with the quick responses to any questions he has and for getting the amount of work set, just right. "

Year 10 Parent, June 2020


"Many thanks to all of your team they have continued to give great support throughout this difficult time."

Year 9 Parent, June 2020


“I think you’re all doing an amazing job! So, thank you. I just wanted to give special mention to Miss Swayne for her work with Year 7. The work being set is really clear, varied. She is really responsive to queries, asking for feedback on what works and using a variety of teaching methods. The online quizzes are particularly good and I thought the recorded talk through of the answers to one of the quizzes was particularly useful…a huge THANK YOU to everyone. I genuinely think that MECE is providing an excellent learning provision in very difficult circumstances and most importantly is constantly learning and refining what is being delivered. Amazing work!”

Year 7 Parent, May 2020


"Brilliant way of explaining the work, this really did help me out."

Year 7 Parent, May 2020


“Communications between home and school has been brilliant. Any queries my child has had around their work have been answered promptly with detailed responses. I've also made contact with some class teachers and again, the response has been quick and detailed. I believe you are all doing such an amazing job, thank you.”

Year 10 Parent, May 2020


"Thank you for all the hard work you are doing for all our children. You are, as usual, extremely dedicated and in these changing and difficult circumstances, that is even more appreciated.

I also want to say "thank you" for the updates from Mr is good to hear what is going on and how well the children and staff have adapted to lockdown."

Year 11 Parent, May 2020


“I think what everyone is doing is just amazing…So, in a nutshell ... I just wanted to message to say I am in awe of your work (Ms Biddiss and Mrs Boys), your patience and your understanding and a whole load of other things and really do appreciate absolutely everything you have done, and will continue to do, for us and for all the children at MECE.”

Year 10 Parent, May 2020


"The contact from Mr Hunter has been good, not just ticking the box, but genuinely caring and interested in how things are...When Mr Hunter does his weekly quiz – thanks for name checking the kids that take part, not just the winners."

Year 7 Parent, May 2020


" I am loving the fact that you are still awarding achievement points during lockdown - this has had a very positive effect on my daughter and her learning."

Year 8 Parent, May 2020


"Miss Gardener gives personalised messages and feedback...

"Mrs Boys contacted us in the Easter holidays … really helpful and supportive, offering advice and counselling to my daughter and myself, and providing a solution, not just sympathy. Also, the ELSA support ideas and info is useful..

"Miss Mallon provided my daughter with a helpful response and confidence boosting feedback when she had a disappointing maths test result and got very upset about it. Thank you for such an appropriate and speedy response...

"Miss Biddiss took the time to come a speak directly to my daughter (from a distance!) when she was struggling. Thank you to Mr Hunter for spreading the word and to Miss Biddiss for taking the time and caring.

"Keep up the good work. Everything you are doing is appreciated in our household."

Year 10 Parent, May 2020


"I am so grateful to Mrs Chopra, I emailed her in a slight blind panic yesterday as we were struggling on a particular task...she then, very kindly, sent a video explaining how to do it. Her help meant that for the rest of the day, my son's confidence was up...I could rest easy knowing he was in a good place, mentally."

Year 10 Parent, April 2020


"Dear Mr Hartley, I just wanted to drop you an email to express my thanks, to yourself, and all the staff that are obviously working extremely hard to ensure home-schooling is as straight forward and easy to access as possible...we had a lovely Easter break with the right amount of homework...gave us the time to adjust into this current way of living. I would really appreciate it if you could forward my heartfelt thanks, to all staff at MECE. I feel a very close attachment to the school...I wish you had a sixth form!"

Year 10 Parent, April 2020


"Once again, may I thank you and the rest of the staff at MECE for the outstanding response to the current crisis. We are so impressed with how the school has dealt so rapidly and thoroughly with every aspect of it and it reaffirms our decision to have chosen MECE for our son's secondary school."

Year 7 Parent, April 2020


"Thank you. Your collective team are doing a fabulous job and I had a good catch up with Mrs Grewal last week. The level of communication we are receiving as parents has been excellent. "

Year 9 Parent, April 2020


"Please pass on my thanks to Mr Warley for finding the time to call my son on Friday. It was a nice surprise and my son was really pleased that he had rung."

Year 10 Parent, April 2020


"Thank you for the Zoom video lessons, they are suiting my son very well and he is confident to go through the presentation and do the tasks independently."

Year 10 Parent, April 2020