Thanks to everyone for taking the time to Thank a Teacher, here is a very small selection of an overwhelming response...

"Mr Hunter has phoned to see how my son is, asking how we are all doing in this time and even when I email him regarding my son's work Mr Hunter always gets back to me, no matter what. A massive thank you to you Mr Hunter. 👍😀"

Year 7 Parent


"Ms Biddiss is always amazing with my son, she is very in tune to his needs & has endless amounts of patience with both him & us .. So thank you from us all."

Year 10 Parent


"Mrs Boys - For helping my son settle in, back in year 7, and cope with his migraines. Also, for speaking to my son in year 6 at an open evening and making him feel much happier about moving to secondary school."

Year 9 Parent


"Mr Harte is an amazing tutor, and an amazing drama teacher. He’s very caring and really takes the time to get to know every single one of us in the form. He also makes us laugh, and he lets us understand the other side of an argument in debates. He is awesome!"

Year 9 Student


"Mr Hartley - Thank you for your regular communication which is both informative, individual and kind and caring. You put the children and families and their welfare at the centre of everything you do. Thank you for the fantastic organisation of keyworker children provisions at MER and all the teachers that have made that possible. Thank you to Mr Hunter for going out of his way to keep 7c children supported."

Year 7 Parent


I am honoured to have had Miss Mirza teach my son maths. We struggled with him throughout primary school... with her, my son flourished. He now enjoys maths and more importantly, understands it. It's now his favourite subject. Schools need more teachers like this and I can safely say my son has gained from all her efforts.

Year 10 Parent


"Mr Reskalla - He’s been amazing at keeping in touch with my daughter (during lockdown) and keeping her motivated with her school work."

Year 8 Parent


"Thank you for giving my son feedback on every piece of work submitted. Marking the assignments and giving feedback is so welcomed."

Year 7 Parent


"Mrs Hussain posts really helpful videos. I enjoy her work."

Year 9 Student


"Miss Bliss - Thank you for being a great History teacher and for sparking an interest in the subject for my son. A well deserved promotion too!"

Year 8 & 10 Parent


"Mrs Oakham has been an absolutely amazing support, not just to my daughter, but to me too. She goes above and beyond and for that I am very grateful. Thank you."

Year 11 Parent


“Ms Biddiss and Mr Harte are both amazing teachers who always supported me and helped me… They kept me in the school and have never given up on me.

They are both amazing teachers and never fail to create fun and engaging lessons for us.”


Year 9 Student



"Miss Gardner has not just asked about our son in Year 11 who was in her tutor group but has also shown great concern for our son also, who is in year 10. She has given reassurance around learning through google class rooms and good advice in preparation for my son to go to Henley College."


Year 10 and 11 Parent


"Miss Cheeseman, thankyou for supporting me and helping me through my BTech sport, you made a big difference!"

Year 11 Student



"Miss, Gardner, thank you for being the most organised and dedicated form tutor ever. You have always had our best interests at heart and you always make sure we are ok. Thank you for genuinely caring about each and every one of us and thank you for always wishing us a good day at the end of morning tutor."


Year 11 Student


"Miss Cheeseman and Mr Hunter have been a great support to our son during his time at MECE, often going above and beyond what is required of them. I know he will miss them both, as they have had such a positive impact on his school life, especially in recent months, offering advice and help as he prepared to leave school. Also the time they gave to running various sports clubs and supporting the students at after-school fixtures was always very much appreciated by us, as sport was a big part of our son's school life. As a family, we want to say a huge thank you to them both for everything they have done and we will miss them."


Year 11 Parent



"ALWAYS goes the extra mile. Is patient, realistic and supportive. I’ve known her through four children who are all very different and she has been brilliant.. so thank you Ms Biddiss x"


Year 7 and Year 9 Parent



"Mrs Chopra has made an amazing difference since becoming my daughter's Maths teacher. She took the time to notice my daughter's capabilities, assess her and then discuss the way forward with us all...Thank you so much!"

Year 7 Parent


"Miss Cheeseman is so kind and caring and she is very good at setting work that is easy to understand and she always replies to your messages. Also, she makes the lessons very fun."

Year 7 Student


"Mr Hunter has really inspired and supported my daughter, both in sports & academically, since the beginning of Y7 and is a great form tutor! Thank you!"

Year 7 Parent