Miles in May...the results!!!

Well done to everyone for their sterling efforts during the "Miles in May" challenge....

And here are the final results...

Year 7 = 2976.99miles     Congratulations to Natasha who covered an incredible 505 miles!!!

Year 8 = 135.60 miles       Well done to Delehn who travelled over 1/4 of Year 8s total miles all by herself - 42.42miles!

Year 9 = 2129.60miles     Congratulations to Alex achieving an impressive 395.75 miles!!

Year 10 = 1287.75 miles  Fabulous effort from Emily reaching 391 miles!!!

year 11 = 462.03 miles   Great work Oli, for covering 99.82 miles, almost a quarter of your year groups total!!!

Staff = 1914.755 miles    All of those steps - well done Mrs Worth, 528 miles!!!


What a fantastic effort from Year 7 and Year 9 - inspiring! We hope you enjoyed getting out and about and hopefully inspired your families to join in too.