The best thing about MECE is...

Hear what our new cohort of Year 7s have to say about us...

The best thing about MECE is...

"that all the teachers comfort you and make you feel welcome in every class. The classes have different personalities, for example; in geography we sometimes play fun games, in history we learn something and then do a fun fact sheet! In PE we work with different tutor groups so it gives us a chance to meet new people!"


"that all the adults are willing to help if you don’t understand and they are very forgiving so on your first couple of days they always make sure you are settling in alright. Altogether there isn’t anything I don’t like about this school."


"how everyone always works as a team and no one is ever left out."


"the people, the support, the teachers, the subjects, the food (yummy) and getting to explore the school grounds."


"that the teachers and students are all very kind."


"having the best tutor and art teacher!"


"how there is a separate lesson for dance and an actual teacher who knows lots about it. I also like that we are learning new things in Maths."


"making  new friends and having the privilege of learning new subjects."


"the art classes,  the food in the canteen, break time is amazing and practical science lessons."