ART & Design

(Exam Board: AQA) 



Choose Art and Design if you have a lot of imagination, ideas and creative flair; if you can or want to problem solve, if you enjoy looking at life from different perspectives, if you aware or want to be aware of the world around you, if you like experimenting and finally, if you just love Art! If you are interested in a career in painting, sculpture, graphic design, illustration, animation, fashion design or one of the many creative industries then this is the course for you. 


Unlike virtually every other subject at GCSE level, Art is not syllabus or content driven. This means that you take a much more active role in deciding what you want to do. Although we cover some skills with structured exercises, most of the time you’re choosing the direction that you want your work to go in a series of theme-based projects.  

Your teacher will guide, advise and support you, but, as well as enjoyment, you’ll need to develop the confidence to undertake the creative decision-making. If you’re the kind of student who likes to be ‘spoon-fed’ the answers by your teachers, then this course won’t suit you. 


  1. Unit 1 is the Controlled Assessment (portfolio) worth 60%. This starts from September in Year 10 until January of Year 11. 

  1. Unit 2 is the externally set assignment (exam) worth 40%. 

This task is starts from January in Year 11 and runs until May. It concludes with a 10hour exam over two days to create your final response using your preparatory work. 


There are opportunities to visit Art and Design galleries both locally and further afield. In recent years trips have included visiting London and the Tate Modern, and the Ashmolean in Oxford. 

Contact: Mr Michael Reskalla