Students at MECE complete a comprehensive KS4 Options process during Terms 3 and 4 of Year 9. Lead by DHT and supported by HOY9 and Year 9 tutors, students are offered in depth information, guidance and support and the opportunity to seek independent advice to ensure appropriate choices are made that allow them to realise their potential and be in a position to follow their desired route through onward education and into the world of work.

Additionally, parents are provided with opportunities to discuss the options available and are given ample information to ensure they can support their son/daughter through the process.

The process follows the format:

  • Straw poll (Dec): A non-committal indication by the student. Allows for Senior Leaders to develop staffing and curriculum plans and Middle Leaders to identify potential numbers.
  • Options Afternoon / Parent Information Evening (Jan): Afternoon information session for students (explain process, hand out curriculum booklets). That Evening a parent information evening and Options fayre providing opportunity to ask staff additional questions.
  • Subject Taster Sessions (Feb): Subject staff have the opportunity to use timetabled lesson time to showcase GCSE curriculum
  • Options Deadline (Feb):  All student options forms returned
  • Induction (June):  Following the completion of the allocations, students complete an induction to each of their options. Typically, this includes a 2-hour session for each subject and a summer task being set.  On completing induction – confirmation letters are sent to parents (July)


The Options Booklet and Information about the Core Curriculum

The Options booklet will be released to students via Google Classroom, with a hard copy coming in the post too.  You can also view a copy of the 2024 booklet here.

Please find the presentations for parents from our Options launch here.

Please find some other useful information shared with parents about the current educational landscape below: