“Success is a journey, not a destination.” - Arthur Ashe (1943-93), Tennis champion.

All students are on a learning journey which they will continue all the way through their adult lives. For most of our students, Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge School will accompany them for five years of that journey.

In order to ensure that journey is stimulating, enjoyable and successful for all our students we ensure that all students:

  • have access to a rich curriculum appropriate to their strengths, needs and aspirations
  • are taught using strategies and resources which promote deep learning and understanding
  • develop a range of skills and learning habits so that they can manage their own learning as much as possible
  • are both supported and challenged as where necessary
  • participate in determining their own aspirational targets
  • know and understand what they are doing well and what they need to do to make sustained progress towards their chosen targets

In addition, Teachers and teaching assistants understand how they can help every student in their care to progress along their personal Learning Journey.

Parents understand how well their child is progressing and how they can help them at home.

The Learning, Teaching and Assessment Framework can be found in our Continuous Improvement Strategy.  

Click here to see our Assessment and Reporting Policy.



Homework is a vital tool for consolidating and embedding learning as well as an opportunity for students to develop their independent learning skills.  Completion of homework by the deadlines set is expected and is part of ensuring good progress in school overall. Where students are finding the task difficult for any reason, they are expected to liaise with the subject teacher, their tutor or head of year.

Homework tasks will support learning:

    • Either by practising (a skill or retrieval of knowledge)
    • Or by pre-reading or reading/exploring further
    • Or by applying new knowledge/skills in a different context

To support the completion of homework, Homework Club runs in the library every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3.20-4.10pm.

For more detail about the frequency and style of homework can be found here




Each Year Group in school receives 3 data reports annually. The data contains the student targets and a current attainment or predicted grade. It also includes an indication of behaviours for learning which are already currently benefiting your child or which if adopted would lead to improvement.

Click here for an explanation of how to interpret your son/daughter's report.

Click here to see a communication regarding reports from the Maiden Erlegh Trust Lead for Assessment.  

Progress Meetings

Once a year, students and parents are invited to a calendared meeting with subject staff. The purpose of this is to discuss targets, progress and strategies for improvement. Parents and students may request additional appointments with teachers at any point throughout the year.