Local Transition Board (Governing Body)

Upon becoming an academy on 1 August 2018, the previous Interim Executive Board was disbanded, and replaced by a Local Transition Board.

The Local Transition Board membership is made up of Trustees of Maiden Erlegh Trust, tasked with ensuring a swift and effective transition of Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge into the Trust, and improvement in outcomes at the school.

Further information on the governance arrangements of Maiden Erlegh Trust can be found here.

Members of the Local Transition Board are as follows, and can be contacted via the Clerk to the Local Transition Board, Helen White, at hwhite@maidenerleghchilternedge.co.uk

Mr Nick Jones

Chair of LTB
Chair of Maiden Erlegh Trust Board

Miss Mary Davies

Chief Executive Officer, and Trustee
Maiden Erlegh Trust

Mr Jonathon Peck

Chief Financial and Operations Officer, and Trustee        
Maiden Erlegh Trust

Mrs Jan Rothwell

Maiden Erlegh Trust

Miss Moira Green

Co-opted Member