Parent Surveys

2019 Parent Surveys – summary of results

79% of parents rate the school good to excellent and 77% said they would recommend the school.

32 of the 38 core questions scored 80% or higher rated answers as average or better and 16 scored over 90%. The following areas scored 85% or higher:

  • The quality of our cyber-safety education.
  • The quality of our sex and relationships education.
  • Students’ respect of girls and women.
  • The quality of equality education.
  • The quality of our healthy-living education.
  • Our management of punctuality.
  • Students’ respect of those with disabilities.
  • Students’ respect of the LGBTQ community.
  • The quality of teaching
  • The degree of challenge in our teaching.
  • Our teaching of mental health and well-being strategies.
  • The usefulness of school communication (website, Headteacher’s email).
  • The quality of the leadership and management of the school.
  • The development of independent learning and thinking skills.
  • The range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.
  • Students’ respect of other cultures and races.
  • The quality of provision for students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant.
  • The quality of our pastoral care.
  • Our management of attendance.
  • The development of resilience and perseverance.
  • The quality of provision for more able students.
  • The development of student self-esteem.
  • The information for parents on how to support their child

In addition

  • 91% said that their child feels safe in school.
  • 91% said that their child is safe in school
  • Y6-7 transition information was useful (84%) and MECE staff were helpful (95%)
  • Usefulness of information about Key Stage 4 options (84%) and the quality of personal advice and guidance (82%)
  • Usefulness of advice and guidance about post-16 opportunities (including careers and apprenticeships) (85%)

Priorities indicated by your surveys for the next year:

  • Continued work on developing the feedback we give to students and parents.
  • The quality of provision for SEND students.
  • The quantity and quality of homework
  • The consistency of students’ attitudes to, and behaviours for, learning
  • Communication with parents.