Parent Surveys

2021 Parent Surveys — Summary of Results

99% of parents rate the school good to excellent (up from 88% in 2020 and 79% in 2019). The 2021 survey confirmed the below areas of our work parents rate highly and 97% of parents would recommend us to other people (up from 79% in 2020 and 77% in 2019.) 

Over 50 separate questions scored 90% or higher, the top 20 being:

  • Overall quality of teaching
  • The degree of challenge in our teaching
  • The school is ambitious for my child
  • Students attitudes to learning are positive
  • My child understands what they need to do to improve work
  • The anti-bullying harassment message is clear
  • Students show respect for cultures/religions
  • Students show respect for LBGTQ
  • Students show respect for girls and women
  • Students are respectful of those with disabilities
  • The quality of our pastoral care
  • Management of attendance and punctuality
  • Education about healthy living and mental heath
  • Education about cyber safety
  • Education about drugs, gangs and knife crime
  • The development of resilience and perseverance
  • The development of student self-esteem
  • My child can take part in clubs and activities
  • The usefulness of school communication (Newsletters, website, Headteacher’s email).
  • The quality of school leadership is effective

In addition

  • 96% said that their child feels safe in school.
  • 97% said that their child is safe in school.
  • 93% said my child is happy at this school.