Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge is a uniform school.

From our experience and observations of other schools, there is no doubt that schools that maintain high standards of dress and appearance are more successful.  Students who take pride in their dress are more likely to take pride in their work.

In seeking to maintain high standards at Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge, we regard the full support and co-operation of our parents as essential.

The full list of uniform requirements can be accessed here.

The official outfitters for the school uniform are Stevensons.  Uniform can be purchased by visiting their shop: 

11-12 Market Place

You can also order school uniform from Stevensons on-line. You will first need to register, but this is very straight forward and can be done by visiting their website using the following address:

A full price list is available on Stevensons website.

Our school badge is the focal point of our school blazer, featuring the Maiden Erlegh Griffin and the common motto across the Maiden Erlegh Trust schools: “Qui, Veut, Peut” – If you want to, you can. This nicely sums up our approach to learning and life and reaffirms our belief that Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge is a place that provides opportunity and nurtures success.