Student Surveys

2019 Student Surveys – summary of results

80% of students rate the school good to excellent and 79% said they are proud to go to Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge School.

We asked the students 50 questions about the day to day work of the school. 34 of those questions received responses of 85% or higher at mostly-very true, and 26 of them 90% or higher. The responses which received 85% or higher were:

  • I understand the lifestyle choices which are harmful to my health.
  • I understand how to keep myself safe online.
  • I understand the dangers of drugs and addiction
  • I understand about consent with regard to sex and relationships.
  • I understand about sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  • I try and find out answers and solutions for myself before asking the teacher.
  • I understand the law relating to drugs
  • If I missed a lesson during the day, I would be found out.
  • I understand how to prepare for assessments and exams
  • If I find work a bit hard, I don’t give up but do my best.
  • I understand how to look after my mental and emotional health.
  • I understand what skills and attributes employers are looking for.
  • There is a good range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Students from different cultures or religions are shown respect.
  • If I missed school, I would be found out.
  • I understand about the Equality Act and the groups of people protected by it.
  • I understand about British Values.
  • Students are respected regardless of their sexual identity.
  • I keep my books/folders tidy and up to date.
  • I keep myself fit and healthy.
  • I understand about extremism and radicalisation.
  • I understand that missing school will have a detrimental impact on my learning
  • I would know how to get help if I needed it (through school or from elsewhere)
  • Students with special educational needs and/or a disability are shown respect.
  • I feel safe in school.
  • I know how to organise my work and time effectively.
  • Students are respected for being very able or talented.
  • I enjoy lessons.
  • I know my relative strengths in each subject.
  • Students are listened to: their opinions help make the school even better
  • Students are confident.
  • Students are listened to: I know who to go to in school if I am worried and needed help.
  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants encourage me to do my best.
  • I understand what I must do to improve my work.

In addition

  • 79% of students rate our work trying to prevent bullying good or very good.
  • 90% of Y7 students said they settled into school quickly when they joined, and 89% found staff and 96% found students helpful and kind.
  • Regarding the options process for Key Stage 4, 82% rated the advice and guidance average to very good and 87% of students felt prepared for their studies

Priorities indicated by your surveys for the next year:

  • Continued work on developing the feedback we give to students.
  • Consistency of student behaviour.
  • The quality and quantity of homework.
  • Clarifying our anti-bullying work and how we deal with even further.
  • More opportunities to develop leadership skills and contribute to school life.