food & nutrition

(Exam Board: EDUQAS) 



This qualification involves a significant amount of both food science and practical. This specification in food preparation and nutrition enables learners to make connections between theory and practice so that they are able to apply their understanding of food science and nutrition to practical cooking. The content relates to the study of both food and drinks. If you enjoy the science behind food and nutrition, as well as the practical application of making food, then this is the course for you. Do not take this course if you just like the practical element. 


The course is broken into 2 major components. 

Component 1: Principles of Food Preparation and Nutrition 

You will be taught about the six areas of content listed below. 

You will also be given opportunity to develop a wide range of technical skills, through practical and experimental work. This opportunity will allow you to develop sound technical skills whilst exploring and consolidating knowledge and understanding relating to food preparation and nutrition. 

Topics covered 

1. Food commodities 

2. Principles of nutrition 

3. Diet and good health 

4. The science of food 

5. Where food comes from 

6. Cooking and food preparation 

Component 2: Food Preparation and Nutrition in Action 

The non-examination assessment is composed of two assessments that are set by the exam board. 

You will be able to select from a choice of two tasks for each assessment. 

Assessment 1: Food investigation assessment. 

Assessment 2: Food preparation assessment. 


There are 2 components in this qualification. 

Component 1: 

  • Written exam – 1hr 45 mins.  

  • 50% of qualification. 

  • 100 marks 

Component 2: 

  • 2 completed assessments 

  • 50% of qualification. 

  • 100 marks 


There are opportunities on this course to have guest professional chefs to deliver sessions and inspire the students. There is also the opportunity for Food trips both locally and further afield to gain knowledge of food produce and ingredients. 


Nutritional therapist, scientific laboratory technician, food critic, technical brewer, food technologist, product/process development scientist.